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          now collecting

          please contact lisa walker @lwalkerfbaok-co-uk

          the official fba staff photography competition is now open for submissions

          open to all staff at fba.

          please send in your submission to lwalker@fbaok.co.uk by the 4th of december.

          during these difficult times we are unable to welcome visitors to the gallery. we are however still open, please support us by visiting our virtual gallery where you will be able to see our latest exhibitions.

          now showing

          nov     ralph overill

          coming soon

          dec      staff photography competition


          jan/feb     exhibition of childhood

          mar     hazel albarn retrospective

          past exhibitions


          jan       ‘dagenham, a moment in time’, josh law and catrin bailey 

          mar     ‘motive/motif’, commemorating the suffragettes, touring exhibition from the lcf

          sep      contained, art during a confinement of pandemic, viewable online

          oct      havering young artist 2020 


          jan       ‘queering the art classroom’ 

          mar     ‘march’, celebrating women’s history month

          apr      gcse exam show

          may     ‘going places’ a-level exhibition

          sep      grand opening of the new appleby gallery

          sep      sacre, havering primary school exhibition, exploring religious beliefs. 

          oct      havering young artist2019

          nov     anne frank trust

          nov     ‘movement and connection’, isabella pavitt, artist residency and exhibition 

          dec      staff photography competition


          jan       ‘access arts village’ touring exhibition from access arts.

          feb      ‘one day this glass will break’, cornelia parker; hayward gallery touring exhibition.

          mar     ‘behind every great woman’; celebrating women’s history month. 

          apr      ‘the nature of light’, outreach exhibition at the mercury shopping centre 

          apr      screen printing workshop with jenny bell; big draw at the mercury shopping centre.

          may     gcse exam show

          jun       ‘nothing is off limits’ a-level exhibition

          jul        ‘vestige’, havering college exhibition 

          oct      havering young artist 2018

          nov     ‘lest we forget’, remembrance exhibition.

          dec      staff photography competition


          jan-      ‘journey’s through the in-between’, ralph overill

          feb-     ‘drawing with scissors’, matisse; hayward gallery touring exhibition

          apr      ‘herstory’,alice wroe

          may     gcse exam show

          june     ‘milieu’, a-level exhibition

          july      hall mead; gcse exhibition 

          sep      havering young artist 2017

          oct     ‘my sea, past, present, future’, mark bradford

          nov     ‘autobiographical series and 11 drypoints’. louise bourgeios; hayward gallery touring exhibition.

          dec      staff photography competition


          jan-      eduardo paolozzi; general dynamic: f.u.n hayward gallery touring exhibition

          feb-     ‘young curators’, year 9 photography exhibition

          mar-    ‘more than a woman’, female print exhibition

          apr-     ‘my beautiful self’, sophie walsh

          may-    gcse exam show

          jun-     ‘truth’, a-level exhibition 

          jul-      ‘trace’, jake sanderson and emma savage 

          sep-     havering young artist 2016

          oct-    ‘music seen’, frank briffa

          nov-    ‘private empire: new territory’, paul wye 

          dec-   staff photography competition


          may-   bow down, a-level exhibition  

          sep-     past and present, student exhibition

          oct-    artist educators exhibition

          nov-    ‘of portals and parallel worlds’, netti edwards

          dec-    anne frank trust

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