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          at the frances bardsley academy, we have two certified independent counsellors. counselling sessions are free (paid for by the school), can last up to 40 minutes and are either on a tuesday or wednesday.

          the aim of counselling is to provide an objective, qualified supporter of young people who is experiencing mental health or emotional wellbeing difficulties. the counsellor listens and assists clients in finding their own solutions, alongside making suggestions and providing coping strategies.

          counselling is confidential, this means that the counsellor will not discuss what is talked about in sessions without the permission of the client. on occasion, the counsellor may be concerned their client or others are at risk, then and only then the counsellor will contact a member of the safeguarding team at school.

          if you believe your young person will benefit from counselling please email kerry mills our wellbeing officer and she will advise. please be aware that with the heightened awareness of mental health and emotional well-being counselling services are busy and there is a waiting list. if the concerns for your young person are severe and immediate we always recommend speaking with your gp.


          kerry mills – wellbeing officer


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