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          higher education and careers guidance

          our students are very well prepared to make the right choices post 18. we begin preparing students for their futures in year 12, as we believe it is useful to have a goal to work towards and important to be aware of university and employer expectations.

          towards the end of year 12 all of our students benefit from our 18 plus week in which they visit a university, attend a he fair, hear from apprenticeship providers, listen to career journeys of some of our past students and participate in a number of workshops with titles such as ‘how to write the personal statement’, ‘interview techniques’ and ‘taking a gap year’. this is an inspirational week, something unique to the frances bardsley sixth form of which we are immensely proud.

          we have also built one week of work experience into our learner programme for the summer term of year 12 to give students the chance to demonstrate and develop the transferable skills that universities and employers are looking for. all of our students have access to career advice and support from our careers manager. all students applying for university will receive specialist guidance from our ucas coordinator.

          our aim is that our students will be well equipped for life after sixth form, whether it is university, an apprenticeship, a job or a gap year.

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