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          perspectives and citizenship


          all elements of the pshcee curriculum (personal, social citizenship, health, economic education) reflect the fact that education is about helping students to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to live confident, healthy, safe and independent lives.

          a wide range of subjects are covered in pshcee: such as:

          • drugs, alcohol and tobacco
          • emotional health and well-being
          • personal finance
          • personal safety
          • sex and relationship education

          work experience

          in the summer term, year 10, students will be involved in one week of work experience. work experience is vital for students; it is a valuable way of building up the all-important soft skills and transferable skills needed for any job (such as communication, teamwork, time management and organization), as well as exploring different career paths and gaining a real insight into working life.

          year 12 students also take part in a week of ‘work shadowing’ in the summer term. the idea is for students to further develop the employability skills they have already built up from other encounters with employers, as well as giving them an opportunity to explore a career path they may be considering for the future.

          steps booklets

          throughout the academic year, students in all year groups will also begin work on their steps booklets. these booklets contain activities and exercises designed to get students thinking about their skills, different careers and different pathways, personal values and employment. students will complete these in tutor time, with guidance from their form tutors.

          if you have any further questions about this course, to whom do i speak?

          mrs mcgrath – head of rs and pshcee
          miss woods – careers manager

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