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          work related learning

          work related learning at frances bardsley academy for girls

          work related learning is about young people having the chance to learn and practice the skills that they will need in the workplace.

          at fba we plan a wide range of activities across the year groups that use the context of work to develop work related learning. the curriculum supports young people’s ability to apply knowledge, understanding and skills and seeks to improve young people’s understanding of the economy, finance and the structure of business organisations and how they work. wrl increases students’ commitment to learning, motivation and self-confidence and encourages them to stay in education.

          these activities happen via: 

          • work experience (ks4) and evaluations from employers and students
          • work shadowing opportunity  in the sixth form
          • careers information via assemblies, lunchtime sessions, career days ,trips  
          • mock interviews with organisations eg bt and ex fba students
          • enterprise activities which help students understand how business and the economy works. students have a chance to take part in creative and challenging problem solving activities which will help develop their skills for employment e.g. barclays : real life management scenario, media enterprise day
          • real game day (ks3) : students take on the role of a ‘working single adult’  taking on an occupational role representing a broad range of earning levels , educational backgrounds and working styles
          • 16 plus days: e.g. speed dragons den type  workshops
          • 18 + week:   with internal and outside facilitators and speakers
          • curriculum vitae (cv) workshops
          • pschee curriculum : (including preparation for the world of work )
          • careers provision:  unbiased  information, advice and guidance is given by a qualified prospects careers advisor 
          • kudos program  and careers websites to explore skills needed in specific career sectors and changes in labour market 
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