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          year 13

          as the school is currently closed due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is really important to remember that although we are not together in person, we are still a community.

          the sixth form team and teachers have been working hard to ensure that current and upcoming students are supported during this difficult time. in addition to this, students can also contact their teacher/s and tutors via smhw, google classroom or via email.​

          please find resources below to keep you motivated and ready for your next chapter.

          mrs loyal

          assistant vice principal ks5

          we know the uncertainty has been stressful but now it is important you use this time to develop yourself and prepare for your adventure into the adult world!   ​there are several documents that we have created for you, which include how to prepare for university, what do to if university isn’t for you, how to complete a strong application, free online courses and a study skills preparation task for university. feel free to also look at the super-curriculum document and find a new book to read or film to watch linked to what you will study at university. you will continue to receive support about ucas, student finance, accommodation and apprenticeships via google classroom.

          continue to check in with us on google classroom and engage in our weekly wednesday quiz and watching the monday motivational videos.

          coping calendar

          free online courses

          gap year

          how to improve employability

          if uni isn’t form me what can i do?

          sixth form stay at home challenge

          super curriculum

          tips for y13 preparing for university

          uni skills

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